Thursday, January 5, 2012

I can see clearly now


I’ve mentioned my need for reading glasses more than once on the blog so it probably isn’t surprising that I finally came to the inevitable conclusion that I need glasses – real glasses, not the magnifiers I’ve been wearing for several years. Our house is littered with readers, in every spot I might need to dial a phone, read a label or figure out what I’m holding in my hand.

Those readers have gradually gotten stronger and stronger until I started feeling pretty handicapped. I was having to switch pairs depending on what I was reading (ie. computer vs. recipes vs. my bible). If only I could have found something like this at the drugstore:

But I couldn’t. I was to the point of some pretty scary-looking eyes when I put on my 2.5’s!

I did have my eyes checked just a few short years ago and was told my vision was pretty good and to keep using the readers. But I knew that my distance vision was now waning and that I’d probably need bifocals.

And I was right. I heard lots of multi-syllabic terms like ‘astigmatism’ and ‘hyperopia’ and ‘presbyopia’ which meant I had to feel my way out to the racks of frames and order glasses.

How to choose a frame? Remember, I don’t really know what’s in style. So I found some that I thought disappeared on my face as much as possible and ordered them.

I’ve been wearing them for two weeks, adjusting to the progressive lenses. I still have to wear a different pair for working on the computer so I haven’t totally buried my old readers (for which I’m thankful because I have a small fortune invested in those things). I think I need to go back to the eye doctor to have her check my distance prescription though. It’s not quite right.

Last night I had my glasses on and told Jeff, 'You know, I think my vision is actually worse with these. I can’t see across the room clearly at all. We spent a lot of money for these glasses and they aren’t right. This is terrible!

I whipped them off my face, ready to drive straight to the eye doctor, when I realized I had put on one of my old pair of readers.

Yeah, time to put them all away and get used to keeping one pair on my face.  So if you run into me at the store, please approach from the front and identify yourself.  It will be good to SEE you!

Enjoy the music:
I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash @


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Nancy Espinoza said...

You are too funny! I have gone through the same thing. Now, I wear my "good" glasses all day at work and then my "cheaters" at home on the computer(on and off, on and off, on and off all evening). I can't seem to keep the good ones on at home, so I keep them in the nice, protective case in my purse. Oh Bother!

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