Friday, January 13, 2012

Waiting for snow?

As we’re waiting for the first snow of the season, I’m already thinking about spring color…


and wondering if I plant these in pots on the deck if they’ll survive the freeze that’s coming.  Primroses are hearty, I know.

I’m not hurrying spring, though, because I love so many things about winter. 

  • Fires in the fireplace (which we actually can’t have because the chimney doesn’t ‘draw’ properly)
  • Snow days (which may not materialize at all but I can hope!)
  • Cinnamon toast
  • Scarves
  • Meeting friends for coffee
  • Not much yard work
  • Evenings to read, since it’s dark outside

I’m planning some time with old friends.  I revamped my spice cupboard, thanks to Jeff’s Christmas gift of a rotating spice rack.  I'm praying for a group of women - young and old - who want to meet and get into the word and grow together.  I’m working on organizing family photos.  I bought paint for the guest room.  I am going to clean out all of my messy drawers.

Winter is good for all these things. 

But it’s so hard to pass up the colors of spring!



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