Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have a daughter who tends to throw things away a lot.  Where did she get this habit?  Not from my husband – let’s leave it at that.

One day after her visit home when she was going through old boxes of her stuff, Jeff found a ‘few things’ in the waste basket that he knew were perfectly good and that someone, somewhere would LOVE to have.  I usually give him a hard time for his love of all things used.  But included in his reclaimed treasure was a full bottle of body lotion.

Even I had to admit how incredibly wasteful this was. 

I scooped it up and began using it.  24 hour moisturizer!  It had a strange but wonderful cocoa-butter kind of scent that I loved and it worked!

I mentioned this to Lisa one day on the phone, knowing she would get a chuckle out of her dad’s teeny dumpster diving.  (Us Purgers have to stick together and make fun of the Hoarders in our midst.)

I told her I was so surprised the Johnson’s had a scent like that – I was expecting more of a baby-lotion smell.  When Lisa began to laugh uncontrollably, I knew immediately what had happened.

When my girls were little, they gave me a very special gift one Mother’s Day – they had combined several lotions, some perfume and who-knows-what-else, poured the grayish/purple stuff into an empty container and carefully wrapped it.  I can still see their happy faces and three sets of blue eyes watching for my ecstatic reaction.  All mothers know about those moments when you very carefully adjust the expression on your face.  Unfortunately, one of the girls found that bottle of ‘lotion’ in the trash several years later and was deeply offended.

So Lisa had merely been up to her old tricks with this bottle of moisturizer and then she threw it away herself! 

This reminds me that everyone in my family except me also likes to mix their drinks when they’re filling a cup at the self-serve drink fountain.  Eww.  None of this stopping your cup under each spigot for a squirt of each kind of pop for me.  Give me Diet C*ke with nothing added – not even a lemon. 

But I have to admit – this lotion is pretty nice!  If only Lisa could remember what she put in it I would share the recipe on Pint*rest.

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