Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting a new year

We’re doing a few ‘January’ things today – emptying out the toaster crumb tray, vacuuming the back of the refrigerator, getting rid of the container of Trader Joe’s bruschetta labeled ‘Best by 12/25/12’.  (I love that stuff - why didn’t we eat it?)

It’s a time for fresh starts, cleaning out, and organizing.  But I am feeling sort of ‘meh’ today.  Too tired after packing Christmas decorations that I only have enough energy to leaf through the ‘Real Simple’ magazine titled “A Year of Organized Living.”  My eyes glaze over at the photo of the woman standing in front of her wall of shoes lined up by high heel color or the one of the spices filed horizontally in the drawer by genus and phylum.   

I’m starting off in Ephesians this month and thinking about the things and people I am called by God to be involved with.  I’m preparing to do Beth’s ‘Wising Up’ series with my small group of young women.  I’m challenged to let God shape me in some areas I know need His Spirit’s attention.  I don’t need resolutions – I think crucifixions are what’s called for. 

What about you?  

A few sites to share:

The Real Design Trends for 2013
Loved these!

Let The Truth Be Told
I find it interesting that although Mimi’s 50-year secret was a dark burden to her, and eventually ended her first marriage to the father of her children, she admits she ultimately does not regret what she did. “It was fun,” she admitted.  Wow.

25 Free Android Apps to Get You Started
I love articles like this because us newbies need all the help we can get!  My favs so far?  Flipboard, Stitcher Radio, Price Rhythm and Where.  And I didn’t anticipate how addictive games on your phone would be.  I like word games so for me it’s Boggle, 7 Little Words and Word Drop.  Oh, and Flow isn’t a word game but is very habit-forming.

Why People Think Christians Are Fake
We tell each other we’re not prone to wander.  We act like our days of falling down are forever behind us.  And we create environments where no one can be honest.  You can’t share your whole life with somebody when the expectation is that you don’t fail.

This isn't a site to just laugh and make fun of projects gone wrong (although occasionally giggles and guffaws do come out), but also to help troubleshoot and learn from the Pinterest Fails we all have.
If you find yourself on Pinterest, a bit overwhelmed at all the projects, this blog might give you some perspective.  It features a photo of ‘The Original Pin’ that shows what the project is supposed to look like and then another photo called ‘The Pinstrosity.’  It will make you feel better about yourself – trust me!

Clever and Creative Instagram Photos
I haven’t joined Instagram because I can’t figure out why I should but these are clever and creative for sure.

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