Monday, March 17, 2014

Links I Liked

earrings_vaneethaThere are more important things in life than walking
As I see the twisted gold shimmering, I am amazed at the beauty from what has been battered.

Let Go of the Lie
Because the Word is the only Life Hack that will hack up the lies from the pit and let you live free.

Margin for the Middle-Aged Mama
Although my actions don’t always reflect it, my heart wants to save my best for the four other people who share my home.

That Could Be Dangerous!
Maybe only children who grew up in or before the 70's can understand the absurdity of this.  We're the kids, who were kept from flying out the windshield by our mother's arm.  We're the kids, who crammed the metal seatbelts down into the seats because they were so hot, they'd permanently brand GM on your leg if you sat on them.

Dear Mom on the iPhone
I pictured your tiny girl spinning in her pretty dress as you completely ignored her, staring transfixed at your phone. What an image, right? An image I think was meant to bring you guilt and shame, written into a "kind" letter under the guise of giving you a gentle reminder that your kids won't be small forever.

The Uncomfortable (Wonderful) Truth About Doing What God Tells Us
My first thought was to respond that the hospital was 45 minutes away, that I am really an introvert and terrible in these situations, that I am overwhelmed…

Life is Too Short to do What You Hate
A German job-hunting website came up with a very clever ad campaign.  Their ads, placed on vending machines, gas pumps and ATMs feature unhappy employees crammed inside the device you are currently using.  Pretty clever!

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