Saturday, September 13, 2014

On my nightstand

Oh, I sure do love a pile of good books!


The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown
I bought this book instead of checking it out at the library (as I normally do) because I want to pass it on to my oldest.  I really enjoyed it… perhaps because it’s a true story. Perhaps because it’s set in Seattle.  Perhaps because I enjoy stories from the early 20th century.  Perhaps because I have a daughter who rowed in college.  But mostly it’s because of excellent writing.  You’ll like it even if you have no interest in crew or rowing because the author writes a story that draws you into the character’s lives. I loved his descriptions of life in pre-WW2 America.  Loved it!

Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good by Jan Karon
Jan’s much-awaited Mitford book, the latest in the series, came out this month and I snapped up my copy the day it did.  (What’s happening to me, anyway?  I’m on a regular book-buying binge!)  I just started it last night and I’m already concerned about how Father Tim is handling his retirement – he seems a bit grumpy.  That might sound critical but it’s only because I love him so much.

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg
This latest by Ortberg is still unread on my nightstand but I’m looking forward to it so much.  Since I can't give you a review yet, here’s the publisher’s blurb: 
When is the last time you thought about the state of your soul? The health of your soul isn't just a matter of saved or unsaved. It's the hinge on which the rest of your life hangs. It's the difference between deep, satisfied spirituality and a restless, dispassionate faith. In an age of materialism and consumerism that tries to buy its way to happiness, many souls are starved and unhealthy, unsatisfied by false promises of status and wealth. We've neglected this eternal part of ourselves, focusing instead on the temporal concerns of the world—and not without consequence.

I am in the midst of two bible studies – not something I recommend at all but one started before the other was finished and it couldn't be helped. 

Restless by Jennie Allen
I’m doing this one with my group of 20-something girls.  After our first lesson this week, we all agreed Jennie did a great job talking about how our gifts, our circumstances, our relationships and even our struggles aren’t random.  They can be used by God to bring incredible meaning and significance to our lives.  What leaves us feeling restless, bored and unfulfilled is living in our own comfort zone and trying to stay in control of everything.  I’m looking forward to some great discussion time (excellent questions for discussion are included in the leader kit) this fall with young women who are seeking and who share honestly about their lives.

Daniel by Beth Moore
(I’m laughing because I just noticed the pic I grabbed from Google images is one of a workbook in Spanish)
This has been my third time doing this study. Don’t be impressed by that fact.  As I’m doing my homework, it’s as if I’ve never read any of it before!  In case you aren’t bilingual, the first half (vidas de integridad) of the study covers how to live with integrity in a self-absorbed culture (as you can imagine, the applications are endless) and the second half (palabras de profecĂ­a) delves into prophecy and the end times.  This is GOOD stuff.

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