Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Links I Liked… while I wait

There’s been a lot of ‘white space’ in my blogging over the last few months.  I’m wrestling with my purpose on here, with my lack of creative inspiration and insecurities about my motives.  As I get my thoughts together and decide if this blogging thing is something I should even be doing, here are a whole bunch of things I’ve enjoyed that other people have written!

The Ministry of Funfetti
I used to read a couple of blogs, just for the fun of getting filled with rage. I can’t be alone in this addiction–the viscious cycles of self-rightousness, anger, and cynicism. All of the blogs that made me feel both superior and strangely sad were ones by women with beautiful houses, chevron typography, gorgeous home-cooked meals, and a belief that most troubles in your life would be solved by trying harder.


I’ve worn the same outfit as my husband for 35 years
'If we need a new outfit, we go to the fabric shop together
and pick out something we both like'

This says so much about this couple... I’m just not sure what.

21 Actual Analogies Used By High School Students in English Essays
Her eyes were like stars, not because they twinkle but because they were so far apart.

Keep Reading: It’s Not the End of the Book
The story isn’t over. Not your story. Not the story of your wandering child. Or your cancer-weary mama. Or this busted-up world. Or the story of God. That story? His story? Stretches out into forever. And there are things we cannot yet see.

Jen Hatmaker Ruined My Marriage
Mrs. Hatmaker authors a blog that is followed by roughly 9 billion of the 3.5 billion women on the planet. She’s a gifted speaker. She’s into adoption. She’s a pastor’s wife. And according to my wife, SHE’S SO FUNNY. Many a night I will be sitting in my chair in the living room, minding my own business, when I hear a snort of laughter explode from behind my bride’s laptop. 
“You…” she wheezes, “You just have to read Jen Hatmaker’s blog today. SHE IS SO FUNNY.”

Why We Humblebrag About Being Busy
We have a problem—and the odd thing is we not only know about it, we’re celebrating it. Just today, someone boasted to me that she was so busy she’s averaged four hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks. She wasn’t complaining; she was proud of the fact. She is not alone.


Danny Franks said...

Thank you for the link!

Des said...

I go through that every time I even think about blogging! But I really love reading yours when I check in! Love you Dear One!

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