Thursday, February 26, 2015

On my nightstand

Whether you're buried in snow, drowning in rain or enjoying a spring-like February as we are here in the NW, it's always good weather for a good book, isn't it?  Here are three I can recommend...

Home is Where My People Are
by Sophie Hudson
All I can say is this was a delightful read!  If you’ve visited Sophie’s blog you’ll have a feel for this book but her southern, down-home perspective is just refreshing and I love her stories.

The Third Target
by Joel Rosenberg
Joel’s books are easy to read, completely engrossing and I always learn a lot about the Middle East in the process.  His bible-based fiction is eerily prophetic in many ways.

The Trumpet of the Swan
by E.B. White
I somehow missed this one as a child… by the author of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little.  So I decided I really ought to read it.  It’s a sweet story of love and friendship and coming to terms with a disability.

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