Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I ‘learned’ in January

And by learned I don’t mean “aced the test so that the lesson is forever etched in my life.” 

I mean learned as in “had some real life stuff happen that gave me the chance to see God in action.”

  1. I don’t ever know what’s going to happen. 
    We all know this but the next two minutes can bring a situation that reveals exactly what we’ve been leaning on, counting on and trusting in.  I could be walking down the hall and suddenly my knee could pop and I could be unable to walk.  Or my parent could get sick and take a sudden turn for the worse, necessitating tough decisions and another difficult transition.  Or those two things could happen almost simultaneously.  This all gives ‘Build your house on the Rock’ the label of “Best Advice Ever.”  It’s too late to move your foundation in the middle of a storm.

  2. That Rock is completely dependable. 
    He will show Himself faithful in my weakest moments. I have seen God supply a wonderful new living/care situation for my dad along with His watchful attention to every detail of this new transition.  I found a great deal on a hospital bed on Cr**gslist and the kind sellers offered to deliver and help set it up.  What?  What stranger does that?

  3. Our completely full basement can actually hold even more stuff! 
    We moved my dad’s apartment furniture last week and wedged it all in to our brimming basement.  Now for my own Cr**gslist offerings.  I’m wondering if I should offer to deliver??

  4. I married the best guy in the world.  (I totally already knew this one.)
    Throughout everything that’s happened in the last month, he has been beside me 200% (as well as behind me pushing a wheelchair, above me helping me up and before me visiting Dad when I couldn’t).   Honestly, he is THE BEST.  (These are the times I wish I could write well because to keep repeating ‘the BEST’ somehow doesn’t convey what I’m trying to say.)

  5. God’s way of working things out are A-L-W-A-Y-S better than anything I could come up with.  Always.

  6. I have some of the BEST friends on the planet.  (I also already knew this but want to say it here.)
    Never underestimate the value and comfort of people who know you and ‘get’ you.
So this month I’m planning to:

a. Pray and trust what God has in store instead of figuring out what I think should happen and then giving God His assignment.

b. Enjoy time with my Valentines, including this little one…

c. Repeat this:
The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace! 
Romans 8:6

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