Friday, January 1, 2016

Best of 2015

In no particular order, here is my year-end list…

Best Book
I’ve grown to love these imaginary people so much and this latest in the Mitford series was delightful.  If you haven’t read the series, this one won’t work as a stand-alone.  After finishing it, I’m re-reading #1: At Home in Mitford.

Best Event
Grace Michelle – May 21, 2015

Best Celebration
Our 31st anniversary celebrated in Cannon Beach on a stormy November getaway. 

Best App
I use Pepperplate on my tablet in the kitchen and it is awesome.  This replaces a million recipes printed on reams of paper and shoved into a file folder.  You can upload recipes right from the web or enter your old favorites manually.  Everything in one place, organized by category.  You can make shopping lists and create menus too but I haven’t done that yet.

Best Milestones
It used to be that we would get together once a year – our Jubilee weekends.  This year Liane, Karen and I had four Jubilees.  And two of them celebrated the 60th birthdays of my dearest friends.  As the youngster of the group (but not by much), I look up to these two women in so many ways.  Our very old friendship (42 years!) means more to me each year.  We’ll walk forward together into 2016 holding tightly to God’s word. 
Love you, my sisters!

Best Phone Photo

Happy New Year!!

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