Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear Grammy,

It was fun to see you a couple times this month! 

The first thing that happened was when I woke up from my afternoon nap on the 11th and there you were!  I didn’t really care WHY you were at my house but you kept talking about going on an airplane together so that Mama and I could be in a wedding.  All I really cared about was showing you my dolls and sitting on your lap to sing Doh-Doh (Do-Re-Mi for those who don’t understand two-year-olds). 

Yes, I threw myself on the floor a couple of times but that’s understandable – things weren’t always going my way. (I’m glad you understand the two-year-old psyche.)  Grace doesn’t have the same flair for drama that I do, at least not yet.

When I got up at 4:00 the next morning I found you sleeping on my couch!  You and Mama dragged a bunch of suitcases down to the car and we headed to the airport in the dark.  Why did you keep talking about coffee?

I would have liked to walk a little faster but you and Mama were going really slow... a few times I couldn’t see you at all behind that big suitcase with my car seat stacked on top and all the bags hanging from your shoulders. 

I liked staring at all the people in that long line.  There was even a big dog with a vest on but we couldn’t pet it – they said something about him sniffing something.  Then we got to run to the underground train!  Then we ran to our gate!  Then you suddenly disappeared and came back with two cups of coffee, which seemed to make you and Mama very happy. 

Just then we got to go to the front of the long line and get on the airplane first!  I said hi and smiled at all the airline employees so that we would get good service.  You and Mama literally fell into your seats in row 20 while I got right to work playing with the tray table and the seat belt. 

I’m proud of you for searching on Pinterest for ways to keep a two-year-old busy on an airplane and for packing a ‘Grammy Bag’ with stuff to do.  That kept me busy for about 23 minutes.  Glad you remembered your “iPad!” 

(Why don’t you have any pictures from that morning?  You must have forgotten that you would be blogging about it or you would have done a better job of recording those memories.)

After we landed in Ontario, went to that big moving belt with our stuff on it, and dragged two suitcases, two car seats and shoulder bags to the shuttle bus, we finally got a pretty new car and headed to someplace called “In n Out” where we ate a lot of french fries.   

We loved staying in a hotel and watching Mickey Christmas cartoons in bed!

I’m a little disappointed you didn’t take a picture of me walking down the aisle in the wedding ringing my jingle bells.  Where were you anyway?  Mama said you were in the bathroom with Gracie so you missed the whole thing.  Was she crying because she didn’t get to be a jingle bell girl?

Well it was very fun to be in my first wedding and I’m glad I could help you have fun. 

Then we all got to come to your house for Christmas!  I got to see Aunt Mimi and Aunt Lulu and my cousin cousins…


I fixed some of your decorating mistakes…

Gracie and I appreciate all the fun stuff we got…


But mostly we just like being with everybody!



When can we come again??

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