Thursday, December 3, 2015

Favorite Christmas cookies

We all have cookies we remember from our childhood, right?  The ones we made with our moms or the ones our grandmas made every year at Christmas.  Here are a few from my childhood and a few ‘new’ ones that have become part of our family tradition…

peanutbutterkissPeanut Butter Kisses
Peanut butter and chocolate… what’s not to love?  Easy to make with kids.

Chocolate Crinkles
Crunchy, messy goodness.

I remember my mom letting me choose the designs, color the dough and twist the cookie press.  Then came the sprinkles!  I still use her cookie press.  Rich and buttery… yum.

These rich cookies just say Christmas to me.

A wonderful spicy cookie that doesn’t need frosting so it’s easier to do with kids.

Soft Gingerbread Cookie
Wonderfully chewy goodness!

No-bake Special K Bars
We make these every year and they disappear quickly!

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