Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas time

This holiday season has already felt so different for me.  None of our girls were home at Thanksgiving – for the first time ever.  We’re still not sure who will be here at Christmas. 

It’s caused me to think. 

I’ve always struggled to really ENJOY the days leading up to Christmas… to make time to be still.  To listen to the words in so many wonderful Christmas carols.  To give thanks in quiet.

I tend to set ridiculous expectations and I am usually disappointed in myself.  And at the end of the day on December 25th I’m often left with an empty feeling and a great sense of loss – like I didn’t grasp what God had for me throughout Advent. 

I’m realizing it’s about letting God have my time.  The ‘interruptions’ to my carefully scripted days can be the the place where so much joy is found.  Jesus came for people – broken, difficult, bothersome people like me.  And He asks me to love them too.

So time is taking on a new perspective. 

It’s God’s time, not mine. 

Lord, how do You want to use the time in this day? 

Who do You want me to spend time with? 

Fill these days of Advent - these hours and minutes - with significance.

I want to make the most of this blink-of-an-eye I'm living in.  Help me cooperate with You and not miss ways You can use me, teach me, surprise me.

And this might make you cry just a bit… but it's a great reminder to me of what's important.

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