Friday, December 17, 2010

To fulfill what He's said

Do you spend time in December reading through the Christmas story? 

This verse in Matthew has been in bold font in my mind...

"All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said..." 
          Matthew 1:22

Everything will take place to fulfill God's purposes.

To say it another way, nothing will prevent His plans from happening.

God intended from before time to become flesh and blood to redeem all who will receive Him.

Not one thing could stop that plan from being fulfilled.  The number of Old Testament prophesies fulfilled in Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection tell me He is absolutely faithful to do exactly what He says.

Does that mean all of those things were happy, joyful circumstances? 
Giving birth in a barn.
Fleeing to Egypt to escape the murder of their son.
A life of rejection, betrayal and being misunderstood.
A death on a cross.

No, not good at all from my perspective.  But all were used to fulfill God's ultimate purpose.

Do I believe that for me?

Do I know that God is using every circumstance in my life - arranging people and situations - to conform to His plan for me?   

My circumstances absolutely have to conform to His plan.  Even the unfair, hurtful, confusing ones.

God doesn't look at anything surrounding my life (like I might do) and think, "Now that has wrecked My whole plan for you."

He takes the things that come as a result of sin or of living in a broken world and He makes them conform to His purpose. 

I don't know what circumstance you might be dealing with right now that seems impossible to reconcile in your head and heart with God's perfect plan.  But you and I can know He is making that thing work for our good.

Has He not made with me an everlasting covenant, arranged and secured in every part?  2 Samuel 23:5

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