Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Loose Change to Loosen Chains

Do you remember making these in grade school to decorate your classroom at Christmas?  They've probably been around for as long as there has been construction paper!

Today I taught 4th grade and there was a different twist on the Christmas paper chain.

Black paper chains. 

This Christmas, Mrs. Porter's class has decided to give to a cause they've been learning about:  human trafficking.  They've heard speakers from the International Justice Mission tell them that for $500, one child can be set free from this horrible life sentence. 

So, on Monday of this week they started bringing in "spare change."  As of today (two days later), here is what they've collected:

In three days, they're almost halfway there!  They couldn't be more excited.  I'm really impressed that they chose this cause, which must be hard for their nine-year-old brains to comprehend.  One day I hope they get to meet someone who was rescued.  Mostly I hope they are learning the joy of sacrificial giving.  

After we counted the change brought in today, we tore off more links of the black chain on the ceiling (one link for every $5).

Then we moved on to Science.  The excretory system.  Sweat.  Oil.  And you know.  

There's wasn't a 4th grader in the room who who didn't think that was absolutely hysterical.   

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