Monday, November 29, 2010


There are so many things that I love about this season...
about Christmas.

I love the music of Christmas
It is an invitation to worship!
It's the only time you'll hear people everywhere singing Jesus' name. 
I wonder if that's a good thing or if it's something that grieves God.  I think of how many times I've sung the familiar words of a Christmas hymn without thinking about what I'm singing at all.
I'm always a little shocked to hear pop singers belting out "Oh come let us adore Him!"  I imagine that one day even that will be gone from our airwaves, along with that once common greeting "Merry Christmas!"
The music of Christmas is a daily reminder to me to worship.

I love the lights of Christmas
They are warm and welcoming and good.  Light is good. 
I've always loved knowing that light conquers darkness.
The Light of the world has called me to be a light where I live and shop and interact with people!

I also love the message of Christmas.
It's full of paradox.
Strength in weakness.
Love in rejection.
Hope in desperation.
Peace in turmoil.
God with us!

May we spend this month ahead looking for ways to give ourselves to Him!

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