Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Africa Through Jeff's Lens - Part 1

Nothing like a peek into someone's life in a hard place to give you perspective while you're stuffing a turkey or assembling ingredients for a pumpkin cheesecake pie!

Jeff returned from three weeks in Ethiopia last weekend and I thought I'd share some of his 7,693,432 photos.  He had an amazing time.  He served as the photographer/videographer on this trip for the ministry I work for, Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia.  He and Mark Wolbert went with Joy Casey, our ministry director, to process new children in our orphanages, update photos of kids who have been there and visit many cities and villages in central and western Ethiopia.  It was a National Geographic journey to be sure!  Be sure to check out our blog That We Might Be Adopted for more amazing stories from their trip!

For today, I'll share some snapshots taken while on the road to three of the remote orphanages which are almost to the Sudanese border.

Before leaving in the morning for a trip out west, you go downstairs to the dining room of the Catholic Guest House where breakfast awaits you.  Normally, it would be Ethiopian pancakes with marmalade or sometimes eggs but since they left so early, cold cereal was on the menu.

Here's the van that carried them across Africa - it's actually a really nice van in comparison to many you see on the road!

Some sights along the way...

As soon as anyone spots a white face looking out the van windows, they come running, waving, laughing, staring... precious faces!

These young men were selling sugar cane, which Tezera, our orphanage director, bought for the widows. 
She said they LOVE to chew on it!

The team bought bananas from this boy.

Do you see what I mean about feeling thankful? 
The women carry the load in Ethiopia.  Literally.
You see this everywhere.

As you get closer into town, you see lots of interesting things along the roadside...

These couches would brighten up any home!
I wonder if the tables they're on are part of the set??

Roadside ping pong.  Foosball is also very popular.

Someone found an interesting place to make coffee!
Coffee originated in Ethiopia and it's a huge part of the culture. 
It's very strong and very delicious!

Kids peeking through the fence outside of the orphanage!

At last, after an eight or ten hour bone-jarring ride, you sit down to dinner.  Injera (a spongy, sour flatbread), some wat (stew) made with either beef, lamb or goat, dabo (bread) and a bottle of orange Miriinda (like Nehi).

In Dembidolo, their hotel rooms opened right out
to the path in front. 

Jeff's room:

They fell into bed to rest up for another busy day!

Click here for Part 2  The leper colony and dump in Addis Ababa

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