Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today I...

  • Cleaned out my drawers and closet and am appalled at how ratty some of my clothes are.  Why didn't anyone tell me?
  • Read Romans 8 again and was struck with how absolutely amazing it is that the Spirit of God lives in me. 
  • Crossed state lines to purchase sinus medicine (it's Rx only in Oregon).  I feel like a criminal every time.
  • Looked, in vain, for green pillar candles at Walsmart.  But managed to find a few other things.
  • Put up my little Christmas trees with white lights (but don't worry - I put fall leaves around the base).
  • Mowed the lawn for the first time at this house - ugh.  My husband is amazing.  He always does the hard stuff around here.
  • Pruned a Japanese maple tree that I'm sure has never been pruned.  Didn't know what I was doing.  Poor thing.
  • Crawled under my desk to try to figure out why neither of my printers is working.  Overwhelmed by the snarl of cables.  Still can't print.
  • Listened to Traditional Christmas music on Pandora while I traced printer cables.
  • Had a bowl of Campbells tomato soup for dinner.  With those little soup crackers in it.  Yum.
  • Watched the news and wondered why they can't figure out what that mysterious missile trail is in California.  I seem to remember a very similar-looking thing several years ago which the military said was an anti-aircraft missile test.  Does anyone else remember that?
  • Noticed again how much of the news is "A new study released today..." or "A study by a group of fringe quasi-medical people found..."  This is news?  Has anyone else noticed this shocking trend?  Studies show that it really is taking over our news broadcasts.
  • Got a text from an unfamiliar number and the person said he was my husband.  ?
  • Wrote a goofy blog post.

    The End 

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