Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gross Candy - Revisited

The recent passing of another October 31st got me thinking about some of the candy I remember from my childhood.  There were some favorites...

The giant ones were the best.

I wonder how many bags of this I chewed?
They always spilled.
I can still remember exactly what they smelled like!

Favorite sucker - because they were sour and so big!

Needs no explanation!

But then there were these...

Circus Peanuts.
Orange Circus Peanuts.
Always stale.
But then again, who would eat them if they were fresh?

Do you remember this one?
It had seven sections of chocolate-covered goodness.
Orange Jelly, Maple, Caramel, Brazil Nut, Fudge,
Coconut, and Cherry.
Gagged me then.  Gags me now.

(There was another candy bar, which I can't find right now, that had layers inside, one of which was a jelly layer.  Anyone?)

Coconut and peanut butter.  Mmmm.

Licorice all-sorts.
All sorts of gross.

No comment needed here.

Or here.
Brachs - blech.

Anyone remember these?
Very hot in your mouth.  We used to eat them like candy just because they were so shocking.

Applets and Cotlets
See how the light is shining through those pieces on top?
Highlighting the walnuts inside the gooey center.
This is how we liked to eat them -
served on a china plate with a side of mint.

What do you remember?


Melissa said...

that's awesome. yea, that we're "natural" options then, were there?! haha.

thanks so much for stopping by my blog...come back to celebrate all month long!!! ;)

missy mccoy said...

becky!!!!! i just love your blogs...reading them makes me miss you and the years of friendship with your family! late, late at night, when my cell phone "bleeps" a message, my curiousity begins to build and i wonder "who's thinking of me now" and it's YOU! your blogs are so personal i feel like we're up late together and you're telling me a story...thanks for the bedtime stories! xoxoxo

BeckyB said...

Awww, I miss you Missy! I'm hearing you're planning a wedding - unbelievable! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! But why does your phone bleep when I post on my blog? Now that's scary!

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