Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know.  You took down your Christmas tree on the 26th and packed away all your decorations eons ago. 

I am sloooowly getting it done.

The problem is, our tree is still fresh!  It still smells wonderful and nary a needle has dropped.  I'm not kidding!  You'd think it was a living tree.

And the lights - I can hardly bear to see them go.  I sit in the living room every morning for my quiet time and enjoy those white twinkling lights so much.  I've been trying to think of some way to have white lights up in there year round but I think it would look pretty tacky to wind lights around the media console or string icicle lights along the edges of the room. 

Stolen Borrowed from Google Images
Yeah, I guess not.

So today I'll finish it.  I'm looking forward to getting rid of a few boxes worth of stuff that we don't put out any more.  This was a helpful post in that regard. 

We're all either savers or purgers.  I am a purger.  I love to clean out, sort and get rid of stuff.  I am, however, married to a saver.  So I may have to be sneaky.

We've purchased an ornament for the girls every year and labeled it, with the idea of giving it to them when they're out on their own.  Looking back on these, I have a feeling they might not be appreciated.  Some are now broken because we've used them each year (in hindsight, that probably wasn't a good idea).  So I'll box them up and the girls can do with them whatever they want. 

Sidenote:  It's 9:34 am and I'm still in my bathrobe, spending too much time on this post and not getting any work done.

I sincerely hope, as a result of reading 'Have A Cup' today, that you feel much better about yourself!  (You're all undecorated and I'm not!  You're all dressed and I'm not.)  You're welcome!


Brian & Karen said...

I am not in the least undecorated! You are not alone!

Renee said...

You are so adorable! I love this post :) but am jealous of you being in your pj's while I am dressed and at work, the grass is always greener right.
As far as the ornaments go, my girls are never interested much in the hanging or taking down of their special ornaments and I feel they will not be appreciated either at least not until they have little girls of their own to share them with.
p.s. I am a purger married to a saver also!

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