Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And on my iPod...

Beautiful photo Jeff took of the Oregon coast at Netarts
(completely unrelated to iPods or music)

Worship music playing in my house, in my car and on my computer is a huge blessing to me.  Soon those words are in my heart and on my lips. 

I don't know about you but I need help.  I am prone to wander.  God reminds me often of what's true through the words of those songs.  Here's what I've been playing:

Kristian Stanfill - Mountains Move
Especially this song - Day After Day

 Especially this song - I Will Follow

How in the world does Chris Tomlin continue to produce worship music that is so anointed?  What a gift!

*Fascinating sidenote:  Did you know Chris was at Desert Chapel in Palm Springs?  Oh yes he was! Not as the main act but as part of the sort of 'fill in' music for Rebecca St. James.  (I can't think of what bands are called who don't 'headline' a concert but, you know, fill in.  Google isn't helping me with this.)  We were watching old video (2002) of the concert when we heard a familiar worship song, hit rewind and realized that was Chris Tomlin on the stage, right out in the DC football field (before it was a football field).  Then we were laughing about how I was Rebecca St. James' body guard for that concert.  Oh yes I was!  Hey, I'm really not dull after all!  Anyway...

Especially this song - Glorious Day

Fee - Hope Rising
Loving all these songs!

Matt Redman - We Shall Not Be Shaken
Especially this song - You Alone Can Rescue
"Our shame was deeper than the sea - Your grace is deeper still!"

What's on your iPod?  What famous people have you seen?  Do tell!

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