Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lovely Lily

I really am going to show some 'after' pics of our newly painted living room without the 40+ year old draperies.  But first...

I was at C*stco recently and I always walk through the plant section, even if I'm just there for K*rkl*nd bath tissue.  In the past I've purchased hanging baskets for Mother's Day, bedding plants and peony bulbs.  I certainly do not need to be buying any more plants right now as I am a bit overwhelmed with all the watering.  I don't have an automatic sprinkler or drip irrigation system.  We go out every day when it's warm (today it's 87°) and hand-water everything except the lawn. I actually enjoy watering - it's quiet time to think, pray or just enjoy the incredible miracle of what's coming up through the dirt. But enough is enough. 

However, I just couldn't pass up this Asiatic lily. 

I am not a lily-lover.  I think it's the foliage - too symmetrical for me.  But my friend Katy has one that blooms on her front porch every year and the size of the bloom combined with the scent sort of blows me away!  So when I saw this one - in an ugly plastic pot, with about ten unopened buds, for $12.99 - I put it in my cart.

It went out on the deck so it could get lots of sunshine but still be close enough to enjoy from the kitchen.  It took only a day before all the buds began to open.

Can you smell that heavenly scent??

I'm hoping what it says on the tag is true - that if I remove the spent flower blooms, it will continue flowering.

Only our fantastically creative, detail-loving, sensory-overload, beautifully loving God could have come up with yet another gorgeous reflection of who He is.  Who or what can compare to You?

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