Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ah, Saturday - I love you.  Even though I don't go to an office Monday through Friday, somehow Saturday still feels different.  Slower.  Less full of to-do lists and phone calls.  More about being outside or reading a book. 

I'm still working on the whole idea of Sabbath.  Why is it the one commandment we seem to completely ignore?

I really wish I had asked Jeff to take the pics you'll see here today.  I just don't get the whole 'light' thing in photography.  I want to learn but haven't taken the time.  So these are dark and somewhat blurry.  Boo.

First in my series of unrelated things is a very exciting one for me - home-grown berries!!

Makes me feel like Mr. McGregor, though, when the squirrels nibble the the berries.  So this time we outsmarted them and put bird netting over the plants...

We put in raspberries for the first time and I didn't expect any berries this first year.

But this morning I spotted these beauties!

Yep, we have two raspberries!  Come over and I'll share!

The very sad news is that two of the three plants I bought have some sort of fungus (anthracnose, I've determined - sounds ominous, doesn't it?).

It is ominous - the plant is dead and the fungus spreads through the soil, infecting the other plants there.  So I guess we'd better enjoy those two berries because there won't be anymore raspberries there for a long time.  What did Mr. McGregor do about anthr*x?

I've been meaning to share a couple of 'after' pictures of our living room without the 40 year old drapes and with a fresh coat of paint.  Why?  I have no idea.  This is certainly not a blog about how to decorate, choose paint colors or turn a G**dwill coffee table into a cool bench for your mudroom.  But anyway, here they are:

We're really happy with how everything turned out.  Love it, in fact.  That's the good thing about living with something old and dirty - you really appreciate it when you finally get busy and clean things up!  A Craigslist light fixture, new knobs, black spraypaint and a few gallons of paint and vwah-la! 

Now it's time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weekend.  I hope you enjoy yours!


teri-free2bme said...

Hi there fellow "Siesta"~
I found you on LPM blog while I was looking over some memory verse #14 posts (you are on page 8, me on page 9). You caught my eye because of "Beaverton". My hubby and I are from WA/OR states- love the PNW. I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and having "a cup" with you : ) ...great photos and love the "after" pictures of your remodeled spaces!!! Blessings to you~

Teri in Corpus

holliehack said...


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