Wednesday, July 13, 2011

yada yada yada

I know it's not my job to keep you informed but...

Have you seen this website?
It made me smile!

This makes me very sad:

This makes my mouth water:
I've made it once but it's on the List for snack food next week when the house will be full.
Along with this:

I read this:
and I did something I rarely do when reading a book...
I laughed out loud.
And then I sobbed.

And this made me grin and cringe and remember how weird Portland really is:

There's a new bumper sticker in town - a follow-up to the "Keep Portland Weird" sticker that's been around for quite a while. 


1 comment:

Nancy Espinoza said...

Wedding prep! Have a wonderful celebration. Funny, I just copied the perfect iced coffee one last week or so. I used to just put ice in warm coffee. So not satisfying. We really! will get together again, some day later this summer. ;-) Nanc

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