Saturday, August 27, 2011

I got the nicest compliment

I was feeling inadequate.

So many things in front of me to do that I know I'm not good at doing.

Lacking confidence.  Unsure.  UnABLE.

And then I read this:

You are My masterpiece! 

Well, that's probably an exaggeration.  Masterpiece might be a little much.  How about just saying "My creation?"

(I don't receive compliments very graciously.) 

You are My masterpiece!  I have made you new in Christ so that you can do the good things I've planned for you long ago.  I love you so much and I've given you so much mercy that although you don't have what it takes, I've seated you right next to Me - reigning over every circumstance and every task I've given you.  You can do everything I ask if you do it by the strength I'll give you.   Eph 2:4-10; Phil 4:13  paraphrased

God trusts me with what He asks me to do.  He made me for that purpose.  If He asks me to do anything, He always gives me everything I need to do it.  Everything.  Always.  Because I'm His masterpiece - made for Him.

Thank You.

(Because that's what you say when someone gives you a compliment, right?)

I am truly thankful!!

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