Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wedding!

In the interest of time (because I usually upload all my pics to Picnik then to Photobucket), I'm just going to get these photos posted straight from my computer since it's already a month after-the-fact!  Sheesh!

Can't believe these newlyweds have been married for a MONTH!!  What a great day it was...



Our dear friend Pastor Grant

Family from Washington

Friends all the way from Palm Springs

College friends and roommates

Kate (7) and Madison (8)
My brother's girls

Heading to downtown Portland

Congratulations Ray and Lisa!
We love you!!!


Nancy Espinoza said...

Wow, isn't it amazing to look back and think about how God has orchestrated our children's lives. They look so happy. Lisa is just a carbon copy of her dad, I would say. Love the pic of the two of them. Hey, about putting in a pic of the mother?? Anyway, I will/am getting closer to a break in schedule for coffee. I'll call you. N.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty wedding, wedding dress is beautiful so is the bride, cake is awesome. and of course pictures takin here in Oregon cool ..


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