Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not Feelin Too Groovy

I'm realizing how not cool I really am.

Everyone else has known this for a long time. 

For example, I have no idea what kind of sunglasses are in style right now.  Is it aviators?  Or is it the kind that look like the ones elderly people wear after they get their eyes dilated?

See what I mean?  I'm hopelessly out of date.

But when you read lots of blogs, you catch yourself being tempted to use words that the other cool bloggers use.  Phrases like "whatev", "woot!" and "that's how I roll."  These never sound right coming from me.

This stems from to my tendency to pick up on other people's way of speaking.  I'm really not trying to be someone I'm not - I think it's a disease.

This is disturbing because (and I know my girls would be quick to remind me) it is not a good thing for a 55 year old woman to try to sound like she's all that.  Not that I'm going to start throwing down the slang of my day when I write a post or anything dorky like that.   I don't want to freak anybody out. 

So I'm trying to keep my own 'voice' when I post.  To be true to who I am.  I will refrain from saying cool-blogger things like "booyah", "awesomeness" and "Buwahahahaaaaa" even though it's tempting.  I know my place. 

Can you dig it?

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