Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh the beauty!

I know, I know.  My last post was almost identical to this one.  I can’t help it.  It almost hurts, it’s so beautiful outside.  I think the leaves are at their peak color this week. 

leaves see thru

pink green


In the winter, I'll have to go for a walk and take pictures of rain gushing into the storm drains and muddy lawns and bare trees.

I look like some sort of amateur paparazzi as I walk through my neighborhood with my camera around my neck.  I try to appear very professional and aim the camera away from people’s front windows so they don’t think I’m a creeper.



Would you be worried if a strange woman was standing in your front yard very close to your tree?


Even with this embarrassing behavior, I never seem to capture the sensory overload that is Fall in Oregon. 



Imagine what a real photographer could do!  Someone who knew what things like aperture and ambient light and aspect ratio are!  I don’t know what half of the settings are on the camera.  And I rarely wear my readers on a walk so I couldn’t see them if I did know what they’re for.

In fact, when I was in Arizona last weekend, every single picture I took came out blurry - tons were completely unrecognizable.  So frustrating. 

I raked leaves this morning and I should have worn sunglasses.  But I needed a jacket – temps were right at freezing! 

This crabapple tree…


creates a lot of this…


But I am not complaining.  Oh no I’m not.


Dear Fall,
Please don’t go.  I need you.  I don’t mind cleaning up after you – I promise!  You’re worth all the work.  You’re kind of a show-off but your colors and smells and tastes make you irresistible.  Why do you have to leave?  You just got here!      
I love you. XOXO


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Lynn Stromwall said...

I agree Becky. Hands down,God shows off in fall!

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