Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I Haven’t Done

I have never...

1. Been in a corn maze.

2. Watched The Godfather.

3. Tweeted.

4. Put money in a S*lvation Army kettle. (embarrassing)

5. Used an ATM machine.  Honest!

6. Been to New York.

7. Wanted to be a contestant on Survivor.

8. Given blood.

9. Been to Hawaii.

10. Played on a school sports team.

    (but this is what my team would have looked like)

11. Smoked a cigarette.

12. Bought a brand new car.

13. Felt very well in a hospital.  (see #8)

14. Read Moby Dick.

15. Owned a smart phone.

16. Eaten Sp*ghettiOs.

17. Understood modern art.

18. Liked museums.

19. Visited the south - Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama - though I've tried to talk like I have.

20. Looked good wearing a hat.

(Today I'm blatantly imitating The Pioneer Woman because I needed some post idea help.)

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