Saturday, March 10, 2012

I am like this… except when I’m not

If you know me very well, you might know that I am not a hoarder or a saver or much of a collector.  I like simplicity.  I like clean and clear.  I am not sentimental about stuff.  My mom was the same way (only more OCD) so I come by this naturally.

It wouldn’t be at all unusual for for me to throw away batteries in the drawer without checking to see if they still had any juice.  Or to dump a handful of old pens – you only really need one or two, right? 

OKAY, I can hear all of you savers gasping at my wastefulness.  I’ll admit that I may have thrown something away only to find the next day that I need that very thing.  Maybe even more than once.  Ask my husband.  But the happiness I get from a clean, organized drawer outweighs my need to go purchase a new bottle of glue now and then.

A happy day for me is cleaning out a closet or drawer.  I delight in getting rid of things.  You get the picture. 

But for every rule there is an exception.  I have a couple.

I can’t seem to get rid of cardboard boxes.  I don’t know why this is true but it is.  Maybe it’s because you can’t easily go out and find just the right size you need to mail something. 

The other exception is my bathrobe.  My old, ratty robe that I know looks terrible but that I cannot part with. 

Does it flatter me as I lounge in the morning sipping my coffee?  NO.  It is too big and pretty shapeless. 

Is it especially warm and cozy?  NO.  It’s actually made of very thin cotton.

Is it a lovely shade of blue or green or a pretty pattern?  NOPE.  It is pale pink – not my color at all.

Has it held up over the years, refusing to wear out?  NO again.  It has holes, tears and worn spots.

My concerned family has given me new robes that are cute, cozy and look good with all my sleepwear.  It’s not that I don’t have an alternative.

So why am hanging onto these rags?  Anyone?



Marni Gunn said...

Ha! I love this post! I am the SAME way...get rid of everything! but I too have those few things that have a strange sense of that what it is? Pajamas...soft pillow cups :)

Nancy Espinoza said...

I think I remember that one form PLU!! :-) OK, maybe not that long ago. I bet I could find a few pictures and see!

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