Saturday, March 24, 2012

On this Saturday

Here’s what’s on my TO DO list today (or whenever I get around to it):

  1. buy and plant nasturtium seeds
  2. figure out a way to have them watered automatically without installing an underground sprinkler system*
  3. visit a dear friend of my mom’s in the hospital after open heart surgery
  4. visit another friend in a memory care facility
  5. be thankful for health and home and God’s care of those who need it so much
  6. call each of my girls
  7. install curtain wire (Dignitet) and new sheers (Lill) from Ikea in our bedroom*
  8. find out how they come up with those names for the products they sell at Ikea
  9. spend time on the Ikea Hackers blog which I just now found when googling “Dignitet”

  10. weed the raised beds in the garden in prep for spinach seeds*
  11. power wash the front walk and back patio* – moss and crud have taken over
  12. shopping @ Tr_der Joes
  13. check out the new fruit and produce market in Beaverton
  14. admit that all of the *’d items on my list will actually be done by my husband
  15. enjoy the SUNSHINE and go for a walk

How about you?  How come you don’t publish your To Do lists on the internet? 

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