Friday, July 27, 2012

A whole lotta good stuff

I had a birthday this month!  Despite living with some chronic pain and the creeping effects of my advanced age, I am really thankful for every single year of my life. 

To start off my day, Jeff took me to breakfast at Vivace Coffee House and Crepery in NW Portland.  It was fun to go somewhere new so we told each other we need to get out more.


Mushroom and spinach crepe with sour cream ‘frosting’

Then we had a weekend away – mostly for work – but ending with a family picnic for all of the local adoptive families in Washington. 


I can’t really describe to you what it’s like for me to see these Ethiopian children at a park in the US, running around in cute clothes, eating hot dogs and playing with their siblings and several of their buddies from the orphanage.  Most were found abandoned in the dirt, behind a building, left on a hospital bed, likely by a young mother who couldn’t provide shelter or feed them.  In Ethiopia a single woman with a child is without hope of ever getting married and there are no social services.  Combine that with the grinding poverty that permeates the country and it is a desperate situation. 

In most cases, I have been looking at their sweet little faces for at least a year, usually longer, praying for a family for them, for their paperwork to be completed, for all of the transitions they face and for their families. I get health reports each month where I make note of their height, weight and health status.  I hear when they get a new tooth, start walking, get a cold and when they’re potty-trained.  I stare at pictures and watch video of them, fearful at first of my white-faced husband who is photographing them, but eventually showing off their personalities.  Joy and Jeff tell me stories of their interactions with each of them. 


So you can imagine how mind-blowing it is to see these same little ones finally wrapped up in the love of a mom and dad.  God has faithfully placed the lonely in families!  Psalm 68:6


(You can see more photos from this great picnic day at our YWAM Adoption Ministry blog here.)

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