Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can you come over?


I hope you’re smack dab in the middle of a wonderful summer!  I always wonder how everyone’s days look in this season… mine start off with bright mornings in the living room with a large cup of coffee and my bible (as opposed to the very dark mornings in winter when it seems to take so much longer to wake up).  Lunches are usually outside on the deck.  Afternoons often include a homemade iced latte.  Evenings mean time in the yard watering (because we don’t have a sprinkler system like I got used to in Palm Springs – spoiled), walks in the neighborhood and staying up later since the sun sets after 9:00 pm. 

This week we have some friends visiting from the desert (hi Josh and Des!), I get to spend time with my friend Karen who is battling multiple myeloma and I have two bible studies at my house (more on that later).  It’s a week full of good stuff!

Because one of my very favorite things is to get together with a friend – new or old – for coffee (thus my blog title!), I really wish you and I could sit down together across a little table, sipping iced somethings.  I’d love to hear all about you!  Blogging can sometimes feel a bit echo-y since I’m usually the only one talking.  So do leave a comment please and tell me what your summer holds.

And you can know I’d much prefer a face-to-face if only you could have a cup with me!



Lynn Stromwall said...

This summer my husband and I moved to New England and I am enjoying all the beauty of the region. Everyday I wake up to a view of a beautiful lake, and I am reminded to thank God. I start my day with quiet time, a walk with our dogs, a trip to gym, and then to my writing desk where I have started a book series for children. God is a glorious summer, full of life and adventure ahead.

BeckyB said...

Lynn, It sounds lovely! Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to hear more about your book series!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the long summer days! My weekday mornings start with my workout at the Y at 5 a.m., coffee on the road to work, home in the evenings with my family and whatever friends of the girls show up for dinner, time out on the back patio overlooking the horses and pasture...very serene and peaceful, this is when I take my time "quiet time":) Saturday mornings Jerry & I get up early and start our day with a ride on the tandem and then home to have coffee on the back patio:) I would love to have you come join us on our back patio sometime:) Natalie O - MN

BeckyB said...

I'll be over at 7:00!

TeriJean said...

Oh, BB! It sounds heavenly! I LOVE LOVE LOVE iced coffee (I have an ice cube tray full of coffee ice cubes in the freezer as we speak), and busy as we are whenever we see each other, we've never had a chance to just pull up a chair and "visit". Maybe someday??! Blessings, my friend! ~~Teri Jean

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