Sunday, August 12, 2012

While I gather my thoughts…

I’m recently back from a week at the beach so I’ll just share a few things I’ve read on the WWW that made me think:


When It Feels Better To Blame Someone Else
@Lysa TerKeurst
On owning my own sin.

When You Realize You’re Living In A Bubble
@Michael Hyatt
So much of the time, I am.

The Teaching of Disillusionment
@My Utmost for His Highest
What would it be like to see people as they really are, without any cynicism or criticism?  This really spoke to me as I’ve been thinking so much lately about expectations and what a relationship-killer they are.

And this made me feel better about my dumb phone:

{photo credit: MRBECK on flickr}

Goodbye “not-so-smart” Phone
Apparently I’m not the only one.


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