Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On my nightstand

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately…

           La’s Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith
This is a wonderful story by the author of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books – very unlike those but just as well-written.  Set in WWII England, a young woman’s husband leaves her for a woman in France so she moves to a cottage in a small town and starts an amateur orchestra to boost morale during the war.  If you want a book that’s engrossing with a touch of romance, one you don’t want to put down, this might be it!

A Walk Across the Sun2
A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison
Here is a fictional story of a very grim reality all across our world – sexual slavery.  A young lawyer takes a sabbatical from a prestigious law firm to work with a non-profit group in the red-light areas of Mumbai.  He becomes personally involved in rescuing two sisters entrapped in this horrible trade after they are orphaned because of a devastating tsunami.  This is another one you won’t put down, though it's painfully raw and eye-opening.

You Lost Me by David Kinnaman
The subtitle reads:  Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church… and Rethinking Faith.  The author looks at the latest Barna research which shows that 18-29 year olds are leaving the established church in unprecedented numbers.  We all know that.  The thing I like about the book is that he not only shares ways he thinks the Christian community has failed to equip young adults to live ‘in but not of’ the world.  He also offers specific ways for us to pass on a vibrant, lasting faith – whole-hearted pursuit of Christ.  If you’re like me, you can easily get discouraged at what’s happening in our American culture.  This book challenges me to be a source of hope.  I read it with my small group of young women in mind for sure.

Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon
I had to include this one – I read it every year at Christmas.  If you’d like a sweet story with very endearing characters and a wonderful message of the true meaning of Christmas, you'll want your own copy of this one.  Jeff and I have read it aloud to each other for a few Decembers now – we always laugh out loud and there might be a tear or two as well.

Do share your own book recommendations in a comment!

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