Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It took me a while

When we lived in California I used to walk a few times a week with a good friend and she would often ask me (very kindly) – When do you think you and Jeff will get cell phones? 

We don’t tend to jump on the latest ‘trends’.  I am married to someone who thoroughly researches every consumer item for price and quality.  Thoroughly.  THOROUGHLY.  So it was quite a few years after most people we know had cell phones when we finally got ours.

We could have made a grave mistake and jumped into the cell phone era too early!  We managed to avoid looking pretty ridiculous.  This could have been us:


1973 first cell phone

No way did we want that to happen!

motorola v195By doing so much research, we even managed to avoid the time in cell phone history when there was an antenna you had to extend in order to get good reception.  I felt pretty cool with my clamshell flip phone.  And I didn’t have to borrow a phone from one of the girls on the team when I got lost driving to an ‘away’ volleyball game (major embarrassment for my daughters, I know). 

sony walkmanThen I moved up to this very cool Walkman model.  I took this one to Ethiopia with me and listening to worship music saved me from turning into a blob of overwhelming fear.  I am not kidding. 

lgWhen we moved to Oregon we switched phone providers so I got this full keyboard LG – when texting was becoming one of the primary ways we communicated long-distance with our kids.  I wanted a QRTY keyboard for that!  I still have to chuckle because one of my nieces asks me all the time if she can have this phone – she says it looks just like a tiny laptop!

51JOaE64EFL._SL500_AA300_So on cyber Monday (did I hear you say DEAL?) we somewhat belatedly moved into the smart phone era.  Remember, I dropped my phone into a cup of coffee and it has never worked quite right since.  When Jeff’s started to die, we were forced to make a decision (hooray!).  Now I can talk-to-text, find the cheapest gas station nearby and if I needed to get to a volleyball game in Wildomar, CA I could do it!

Remember, I had some real concerns about becoming a smart phone addict.  So I’m trying to use it sparingly and wisely.  I don’t want to have to worry about constantly checking my phone for updates or emails or texts.  And, did you know that smartphone theft accounts for 1 in 3 robberies in most major cities (over half in cities like New York and San Francisco)?  I don’t really want to have to think about that when I’m out in public with my phone.  Plus I might be texting when walking down a sidewalk without padding installed around the lampposts, as in London:

So, watch out world.  And get ready dear blog readers for a few tech-y app recommendations now and then on the blog. 

It may be a long time until I get another phone.  I’m holding out for one of these:

subcutaneous mobile phone implant

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