Monday, February 11, 2013

A Mish-Mash for Valentines week

It’s almost Valentines Day – are you doing anything special?  I have eaten several gummy cinnamon hearts in the last few days – does that count?

I want to be especially thankful, gracious, kind and thoughtful this week to my wonderful husband.  I married the most wonderful man.

Here's quite a variety of stuff I'm sharing via the www.  Let’s begin with a post in keeping with Valentines Day and love…

10 Things That Have Made All The Difference
A list about keeping marriage strong

Made Up Songs and Partners Divine
”Be careful little nose what you smell…”

I love both of these next two posts because they speak of grace. 
I want to be full of grace!
My Train Wreck Conversion

When Mama Ain’t Happy
I could barely sit through the Super Bowl – I didn’t, really.  I played Canasta instead.  But when I got home, I read this post and shared Lisa-Jo’s anger.

And on that (basically) same note…
The Demise of Guys

Are You A Welcoming Church?

I know I’ve shared this before but if you haven’t
seen this website, it’s worth a peek!
Dear Photograph

Do you have six more minutes? 
Here’s a sweet new animated short from Disney called Paperman. 
A perfect Valentine to end with!


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