Monday, February 18, 2013


I’m always on the lookout for art projects – that are fun, that take some time to complete and that end up providing something fun for my nieces to take home. 

Recently I found a blog authored by a wonderful art teacher who shares his projects with lots of detail: Art With Mr. E   This appeals to the teacher in me because I like lots of detail, helpful tips for teaching the project and pictures of actual student art.

This weekend we had our two girlies over and we made what Mr. E calls
Line Design.


It looks hard but it’s very easy (with a little guidance) and the girls ended up with some awesome art to take home.  They were so proud of themselves!  Doesn’t it remind you of something from the sixties?  For some reason I immediately think of the TV show “Laugh In.”

*Rabbit trail:  Isn't it amazing how many styles from the 60's are popular right now?  Bangs, bobs and teased hair bumps.  Mid-century modern furniture.  Tortoise-framed glasses.  Tights.  Pumps. 


(Notice Maddy wore her peace symbol jammies in keeping with our groovy theme.)


We had pancakes for dinner, played Crazy 8’s and watched Andy Griffith (another 60's icon!).  At six this morning, two girls in their pj’s were at the kitchen table coloring!

(PS – in case you were wondering, I was a preteen for much of the 60’s.  I would never have been caught dead with hair like that.  Long, straight and stringy for this 70’s child.)

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