Saturday, March 9, 2013

1 John 4:16


This is a verse I have been praying because I'm realizing that everything comes back to God's love for me.

Do I want a better prayer life?  It's a response to His love.  He delights in my company, when I freely share my hurts and joys and sorrows.

Do I want to be more bold, more secure, more trusting?  He loves to give me whatever I need.

Do I want to be able to better love the hard-to-love?  He helps me love with His love and to give it without condition or expectation.

Lord, help me to KNOW the love You have for me.  You were completely stripped of all You had for me.  You looked at me and said 'It is even worth hell and separation from the Father to have her as my treasure.'  Choosing me cost You everything.

Help me RELY ON the love You have for me.  Not on the significance or approval I might get from others.  Not on the false security of money in the bank, good circumstances or my own wisdom or ability.  There is only one thing I can count on - and that is Your love.  Help my roots to grow down deep into Your love.

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