Saturday, March 2, 2013

Missing her

20beach with Amy
Me, my mom and her first granddaughter

Today marks seven years since my mom was ‘promoted’ to heaven.  I still miss her every day.  I’ve put some of my thoughts and memories of her on the blog here and here.  Rereading those posts makes me tearful but also determined – determined to tell my family how much they mean to me, not just think it.  Determined to give more of myself to them in time and attention.  Determined to appreciate each day I have with them.

It’s so easy to let petty irritations get in the way of loving each other, isn’t it?  Do you ever think (like I do) about the impact of your last words or actions toward your husband or kids if you were to die suddenly?  I don’t think that’s a morbid way to think. 

I want to be mindful of how powerful and freeing and necessary it is to know we are loved.  About how easy it is to focus on what doesn’t matter at all.  And to treasure every day we have with those God has given us to be loved by and to love.

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