Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring ~ inside and out

All of us living in places where bulbs can be planted look forward to these days in early spring when green leaves poke through the cold dirt and hint at warmer weather to come.  Because we lived in the desert southwest for so many years (almost 17!), I especially appreciate these heralds of spring. Because in the desert there is really only one season - sunny.

Our yard is beginning to bloom – crocus first, but later will come daffodils then tulips, grape hyacinth, Dutch hyacinth and bluebells.


These bluebells spread like weeds and soon our backyard will be covered in a layer of soft blue (see middle pic in my blog header).

I meant to plant a few more varieties of daffodils last fall but of course I never think of it until spring.  These will look like the ones in my blog header on the left – that photo came from this little cluster a few years ago.  They are so delicate and lovely!

Of course I’m always eager to bring some of spring into the house.  This weekend I bought two kalanchoe and a maiden fern to make a simple centerpiece.

You can see I lined a basket with foil, plopped the three pots in and tucked some moss around the edges.

Wa-la!  An easy, inexpensive centerpiece that will last all spring.

A couple weeks ago I brought in some twigs that were ready to bloom, stuck them in a vase of water and they’ve lasted beautifully.

I couldn’t resist a jar of tulip bulbs I saw at C*stco – after they bloom, these will go into a pot in the yard for next year.

I tell myself I am a very thrifty person but when it comes to flowers, I'm a sucker.

How could I resist these happy yellow primroses? 

Do you have any spring in your house?

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