Monday, June 10, 2013


I’m finally getting back to a project I started over four years ago…  scanning our family photos.

Dec 84 Jeff's office
This one was taken the first Christmas after we got married, in 1984, and I have no idea why we were dressed up like Dickens carolers.  Check out those glasses and that scarf!  I started with this one so you wouldn't think I was one of those people who only post flattering pictures of themselves (although I'd like to be at that weight again).

Our first dog, Molly

Those of us who have rows and rows of photo albums from the days before digital have to face the fact that those prints fade and get dusty and if we want to have those precious pictures to look at in our old age or to share with our kids, they have to be preserved digitally.  (Dear young people of the world, don't ever take for granted your digital camera. Love, Me)

I’m sure you can pay to have this done and there are definitely times when I think it would be worth every penny. (I’m only on May 1990) but although it’s time-consuming and tedious, it’s really not hard.  Why look!  I am writing a blog post and scanning at the same time!  I set up a card table next to my desk with the scanner and a pile of photo albums…


It is an extremely emotional thing to look at each of the little faces I love so much, remembering them so well as babies, toddlers, preschoolers…

Linds  9 mos
July 90001
Amy 14 mos001

Some of the photos are grainy or blurry but still so precious to me.

Amy 20 mos001

I am warning you now - if you are one of my kids, family or friends - I might be posting a bunch of pics on Facebook with comments like “Remember when you looked like this?” or “Remember when I looked like that?” or “Look how cute you were!”

Nov 95001
Dec 88 015
Lisa summer 92
Oh my heart.

I can only sit and do this for so long before I have to go prune flowers or clean the shower. 

I hope to finish 1990 by the end of 2013!


Nancy Espinoza said...

OH my! Reading the Big Hungry are your mother. N.

BeckyB said...

In more ways than one! You too??

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