Friday, June 28, 2013



There’s a heat wave across much of the west and Portland is no exception.  It was 94° here today with higher temps to come over the weekend.

I don’t like heat.  I have no idea how I ever survived almost 17 years living in the desert.  NO IDEA.  No one except my mother felt sorry for me when I complained shared how hot it was.  I’m thinking back on it now and I am sure when I talked to my NW friends, I mentioned the temperature to a completely annoying degree – I’m so sorry!    I think my hot flashes now are to remind me to pray for my friends who live in the desert.

I know… some of you wouldn’t think of living in the gray, gloomy and damp NW.  But on a day like today?  I might be able to tempt you!   (I just noticed that the word 'temp' is hidden in 'tempt'.  It must mean something.)

I did check the temps in Palm Springs…  It was 117° and 119° 120° is the forecast for tomorrow.  I’m sorry but no one should be living there.  Would all of you please get out now before you disappear into the desert sand?  Come to my house and I’ll make you an iced latte.  With coffee ice cubes!

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