Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some summer browsing


Happy June!  I hope you are picking (or buying) some strawberries, cutting (or buying) some fresh flowers to put on your kitchen table and having an iced coffee every now and then!  Here are a few links for some weekend browsing…

Future Me
You write an email to your future self, set a date when you’d like to receive it and click “Send to the Future!”  If only we could do this backwards… you know, send an email to ourselves in junior high school. 
Now that would have been interesting!

Assortment Blog
This family scaled down to a 665 square foot home and Carmella shares all the many ways it has changed them… for the better.

A fun time-waster where you look at a GoogleEarth photo and try to guess where in the world it was taken.  You can rotate the photo 360° and zoom in and out for hints.  You get points based on how close you guess in miles.  On my last round, I guessed the wrong continent on every single try.  Maybe you’ll do better.

Clever Billboards
These serve not only as advertisements but as benches and ramps.

Entitlement will kick contentment in the shins.  Every time.
Contentment is a delicate bubble, isn’t it?

Relationships are more important than ambition
The conflict between career ambition and relationships lies at the heart of many of our current cultural debates… The idea that we are self-reliant is a core American myth.

One thing your daughter doesn’t need you to say
She isn’t supposed to be an example. Her friends don’t need an example, they need a friend. A real one. An honest one. A touchable one. They  need a friend who doesn’t think she’s better than everyone, but one who knows she isn’t. They need a friend who knows she needs Jesus.

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