Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot (cont…)

As our heat wave continues, I have been a bit convicted (slapped upside the head, really) about my attitude

I feel like this guy:


I have a basement that is very cool and pleasant so I have a place to sit in a comfy chair with a glass of lemonade and a book.  Wearing flip flops and cool clothes.  And deoderant.  Most people don’t.


What would it be like to actually live outside right now?  Sleeping on hot cement.  Where people spit and drop their trash.  And other stuff.  Ugh.


I have fans and air conditioning.  And ice cubes.  And cold drinks.  (Haven't I already mentioned iced lattes, for heaven's sake?)  Poor me.


I have lots of people who would look out for me if I were having any problems with the heat.  Others have to count on emergency personnel. Some are so unknown or uncared for they don't make it.


I don’t live in a wildfire area, devastated by the dry conditions and experiencing the unimaginable loss of 19 firefighters.


I have so much to be thankful for.  So I am trying to catch all my miserable thoughts of self-pity, thank God for what He’s given me and pray for so many in great pain and need right now.

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