Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ah, summer

It’s the season for sweet, juicy peaches…


Making jam…

berries haveacupwithme

Reading in the surf…

Okay, that’s not me reading in the surf.  But doesn’t that look appealing?  And summer-y?  Knowing me, I would not be able to concentrate on my book because I'd be watching for a sneaker wave.  So I'll stick with my chair on the carpet.

I have been making jam, eating peaches and reading books.   Scanning photos, fertilizing flowers and playing cards

mocha haveacupwithme
Celebrating a birthday at the beach (birthday mocha above), meeting old friends for coffee and going to outdoor concerts (two so far this month). 

These concerts have been a new outing for two boring, stay-at-home people.  They are on Thursday evenings all summer at a variety of parks and outdoor venues.  The music ranges from rock oldies to flamenco guitar, nu-wave to country (we’ll probably skip those last two because we missed the whole 80's dance scene and country eludes me for the most part).

So far we’ve been to a disco/funk concert that turned out to be an embarrassing display of older, inebriated dance wanna-be’s - we left early.  Our last – and favorite – concert was a soul, rhythm and blues group that was fantastic.  We took a picnic dinner and met our friends at a shady park in Beaverton.  Everyone spread out blankets and coolers and enjoyed Deep Blue Soul Revue playing stuff like Joe Cocker’s ‘The Letter’ and Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl.’  We loved it.  This time alcohol was not a factor and families watched their kids dance happily in the grass alongside some brave adults who may or may not have had any dance skills but had fun anyway.  It was delightful and we look forward to Thursday nights for the rest of the summer.  Yay for getting out and getting down!

I’ve also been going to baby showers, buying baby girl clothes and looking up how long it was between my due dates and my deliveries. 

I’m going to be a grandmother, you know!!

Reading all of this makes it sound like my life is all music and butterflies.  I do have a very challenging but gratifying job working with folks in a third world country that keeps me at my computer or on my phone a LOT.  I don’t share a lot about that here on the blog but I am SO blessed to be doing the work I do with the people I get to partner with. 

God is at work in me.  Right now I’m starting through the book of Jeremiah and it’s been an answer to something I started praying in earnest about a month ago… Lord, help me see my sin the way You see it. 

Do you think Jeremiah is a good book for me to head into if I want that prayer to be answered?  Yes m'am, it is.  I was kind of wondering if I would stop looking forward to my time in the Word in the morning if I went through Jeremiah, what with all the focus on sin and judgment.  But God has surprised me and it has been an amazing look into His heart that breaks for me when I rebel and subject myself to all the horrible consequences of turning away from Him.  As a parent, I completely get that. 

His ways are always for us. 


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