Monday, July 29, 2013

Phone photos

A glimpse into my world via my phone...

Or, in the case of this first photo, into my neighbor’s world.  I had to do a double-take when Jeff pointed out our neighbor working in his yard.  Fertilizing?  Nope.  Spraying his grass green.

I’ve heard of this but never actually seen it.  It does look much nicer now! But he has to re-do it every time the lawn is mowed.

Next is a dresser we helped get for our kids for the baby’s room.  Because it was from Ikea, it came flat in a couple of very heavy boxes.

But the guys spent the afternoon pouring over many pages of directions and many plastic bags filled with screws and glides and little wooden shims and knobs and... voila!

Now there is somewhere to put all of those cute baby girl items!

This is something I’ve had on a Pinterest board...

It’s called a ‘flexible blossom crown’ or an ‘easy arranger’ and I love it!  It fits over most vases and helps prevent flower flop!  (I wish you could smell those lilies - they are heavenly!)

Everyone who knows my husband knows he loves to find a good deal.  The search is more fun than the purchase.  Recently he found this really nice pair of no-iron slacks.  When he showed them to me I knew they had to be marked down a LOT or he wouldn’t be carrying them around the store.  (I have to beg him to buy an article of clothing for himself if it’s not priced ridiculously low.)

But even I – who know this man’s ability to shop for a bargain – couldn’t believe my eyes.

That’s right – $3.  Slash-reduced from $65.

Now he’ll never get a pair of pants for anything more.  And I’ll look like a spend-thrift if I do.  Darn it.


Marni Gunn said...

Becky. I love that your neighbor spray paints his grass! that made me lol...and now I want to go hunt through Kohl's for $3 pants!

BeckyB said...

Yes - go now!! You might find some!

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