Monday, November 25, 2013

Links I Liked

hanging leaf

Let’s Be Gentle With Each Other
It’s a story that I think about often because we were the main characters in it 3 or 4 years ago, and even though it was something that lasted less than 15 minutes it changed all of us.

While Their Kids Sleep
Every year, my wife and I devote the month of November to convincing our children that, while they sleep, their plastic dinosaur figures come to life.

Fox News’ Highly Reluctant Jesus Follower
If there was one thing in which I was completely secure, it was that I would never adhere to any religion—especially to evangelical Christianity, which I held in particular contempt.

What Special Needs Kids Have Taught My Children
“There are two special needs students in my class this year. Can you believe it? We are so lucky,” she said and ran off to play.

What do the people who matter most think about us as moms?

And I love this!

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