Thursday, January 16, 2014

Links I Liked

Maybe you could make yourself a cup of cocoa with some instant espresso (adds a wonderful burst of mocha goodness) and settle in to read a whole crazy variety of interesting stuff via "Have A Cup"…

On Being Ruth
@Antique Mommy
Caring for aging parents is an emotional mine field

Because Who Is Perfect?
Guaranteed to open your mind to beauty and gratitude

The Trouble With Snapshot Living
@Lots of Scotts
We are all works in progress

The iPersonic Personality Test
Do you like these kinds of tests?  When I did this one, I found myself creating a new set of statements that apply to me:
   *When taking personality tests, I can’t choose from a list of statements which ones apply to me
   *When taking personality tests, I over-analyze my answers
   *When taking personality tests, I worry the results won't be correct (like it matters!)

Waitress Receives the Tip of a Lifetime
@Columbus Telegram
I’m just thankful. Everything we went through, my attitude is: God blessed me with a lot of things. I’m doing good. That’s all that matters to me.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World
@A Sheep No More
These won’t help you make sense of the world (sorry) but I thought some of them were fascinating.

When Your Calling Frightens You
@Jennifer Dukes Lee
I don’t want to be ruled by my comfort. I don’t want to be bossed around by my perceived weaknesses, and the enemy’s lie that the tasks before me are too hard.  Will God not strengthen me? Is His arm too short? I should say not.

Chivalry is out of style
This one resonated with me because for the last 30 years my chivalrous husband has always opened the car door for me.  Of course my girls have noticed this and one recently told me that she wanted a husband who also did that. 

And to wrap this up, a genius video on how to wear your scarves!  I loved how this girl watches herself from the other frames (Brady Bunch?). I paid more attention to the little squares than the main one so now I need to watch it again.


Nancy Espinoza said...

Wow, You always find the most interesting sites. Thanks for sharing Becky.
<3 Nanc

BeckyB said...

Thanks for reading, Nanc!

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