Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nothing else like it

Last weekend was a trip to Seattle to take our oldest out to lunch for her birthday (coming up at the end of the month).

Twenty-seven years ago I was sure that I was going into labor any minute because my due date was the 16th and after all, I had been counting the weeks for what seemed like forever!   By the 29th when it appeared I really wasn’t going to give birth after all, I went into the hospital and my labor was induced.  Amy was having none of it and only agreed to come out on the 30th if she was lifted out gently via c-section.  And that was the beginning of a whole new identity for me: mother.  This girl changed everything!  My beautiful Amy Lynn…  I love her so much, think of and pray for her all the time. 

Amy Lynn006  4

It was so much fun to spend the day with all four of our girls!


Miss Hadley is almost 5 months old and I’ve been so excited to get up to Seattle to see her!  Ray and Lisa got to have a first date since baby arrived and Papa and Grammy got to take care of this little sweetheart…

fourandahalfmonths e

Jeff might have taken a few photos. 


I remember loving this stage when each of my girls were about five months old.  There’s just something about it that’s adorable. 


Legs that were once so tiny now have those kissable rolls that look like they were created by wearing rubber bands at every joint!


Sigh.  I stare at these photos over and over.

I'm so grateful that Lisa is finding out just what it feels like to love someone so completely. There is nothing like it.

And apparently there's also nothing like the love you have for a beautiful, precious, funny, sweet-smelling, cuddly, intelligent and incredibly advanced grandbaby either!  

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